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中文版 (台灣學者與學生請至中文版註冊)

Conference Registration System



Use your E-mail to Create an Account!


1.      Every participant (presenter and non presenter) is asked to use an e-mail as account and register as soon as possible and before the 20th of April. The password is only for this registration account which is NOT your password of your e-mail.

2.      Conference fee for International scholars 200 USD (NTD 6,000)

For full-time international student (copy of student ID required) 180 USD (NTD 5400) Please pre-pay your conference fee to the following account number before the 25th of April. For local scholars and students, please check the Chinese version registration system.

To remit USD to E.Sun Commercial Bank, please follow instructions as :
Please advise the remitting bank that E.Sun Commercial Bank's USD account is kept with Citibank, New York (SWIFT Code:CITIUS33) or Wachovia Bank, Philadelphia (SWIFT Code:PNBPUS33) or Bank of America, San Francisco (SWIFT Code:BOFAUS6S) or Bank of New York, New York (SWIFT Code:IRVTUS3N)

Please provide the remitting bank the following data :
Beneficiary Bank :
E.Sun Commercial Bank, Ltd., Taipei, Taiwan
Beneficiary Name:

Graduate Institute of Education Alumni, Chung Cheng University
Beneficiary's Account No.


3.      The registration fee includes attendance at all conference sessions; conference lunches (on 15th, 16th and 17rd) and dinners (15th dinner & 16th banquet), conference refreshment breaks. One copy of the Conference Proceedings and a copy of the group photograph are included.

4.      There are two kinds of accommodation options, one is NICE Prince Hotel, and the other is Building of Zhu-Yuan (University Guest House) which is located in the CCU campus.
(1)NICE Prince Hotel

5.      We provide accommodation booking service for you, and you can get concessionary price to reserve rooms. (Please check the Accommodation) For reservation, please send an email to mindy@mail.janfusun.com.tw before the 10th of April, and then the hotel manager will reply to you with a reservation confirmation. Buffet Breakfast is included for all types of rooms in the NICE Prince Hotel. Please register on-site in the lobby of NICE Prince Hotel from Thursday afternoon onwards.

(2) Building of Zhu-Yuan (University Guest House)

6.      Because the rooms in Zhu-Yuan Building are limited and the facilities are common, please consider to book rooms or share rooms with others in NICE Prince Hotel with good facilities. But the guests stay in the University Guest House - Building of Zhu-Yuan have to pay extra fees to have buffet breakfast - NTD 200 (USD 6.6) or light breakfast for NT 100 per person each morning.

7.      If double occupancy, please give the names of both persons. Please indicate whether you require to share a room with others or not single or double room occupancy and the preferred room type in the registration system.

8.      For international guests, please include a copy of your flight confirmation (e-ticket or receipt) with this form in order to guarantee your room reservation.

For the day trip on the 18th of June to Nantou County, visit Formosan Aboriginal Cultural Village & Sun Moon Lake. And travel cost is USD 80 (NTD 2400) . Lunch and tickets are included. Please confirm your attendance upon arrival.